Coming Soon: Bud’s Best Friend Pet Treats


Good afternoon folks. Just wanted to let everyone know how we are progressing with our pet treats.

We are excited to bring cannabis as a medicine to your pets! Cannabis all natural pet treats can be a part of you pet’s holisitic care.

We have finished the human trials and I am happy to announce that no humans were harmed in the testing of our product lol.

Our pet treats are non-psychoactive and do not produce a “high.”

All natural

For pets, CBD shows promise in its use for conditions such as seizures, anxiety, pain, cancer and more.

PET Safe- nothing added.

Seriously though, all the pets that tried the 2 flavours loved them. We have added the CBD product as well and they still love them. They will be available very shortly in various doses for all sizes of pets.

Our new name for these great treats is Bud’s Best Friend.

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One thought on “Coming Soon: Bud’s Best Friend Pet Treats

  1. The Heal All cream is like nothing I have ever tried for my psoriasis.All the other creams claimed to work and gave poor results.Thank you for what you have done .I can wear a bathing suit again!!!!

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