Bud’s Branding

buds-logoBud’s Pure Naturals is thrilled with our new branding and professional packaging and design.

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to shape the public’s view of this new industry through Bud’s Pure Natural’s Branding!

Our mission at Bud’s Pure Naturals is to spread the healing powers of nature and Our goal is to help people have a healthier happier life!

We are proud to offer all natural, hand picked herbs and the best essential oils for the making of our products and Our customers love the fact that they don’t have to hide our products in the back of the medicine cabinet.

We set out to create only top quality products. Bud’s truly wants to change the way people see CBD/Cannabis/Marijuana as a product!

Another goal was sleek minimal packaging that looks like it belongs on the shelf of pharmacy or high end grocery store.

Did you notice the absence of Marijuana leaves and other stereotypical stoner images on our products?

Our branding is divided into “families”  Heal,  Soothe and daily. This gives the consumer an idea of what they are purchasing.

Bud’s branding was created with the retailer in Mind! Bar codes are integrated into the label for ease of entry into any retail store.

Our intention is not to flood the market with our product in any location that will have us. Our intention is to place our products in enough retail locations in Canada to provide access to our customers.

Please feel free to contact us for wholesale pricing and specifics. Bud can be reached at 250-808-1131 or you can call Robin at 250-210-7094

We’d love to hear what you think of our branding and packaging.


Our online store is currently unavailable, please check back soon for news and updates. Dismiss